The Importance of Continued Education

Whether you stepped right into an apprenticeship at your local utility company or went to school to become a lineman, the day you are done with schooling is an overwhelming sigh of relief. You no longer have to study for tests, write papers, or sit through painfully long lectures. You are free! Now it’s time to stop learning and apply everything that you’ve been taught, right? 


While school prepares you for the here and now, you are never fully prepared for the things that will come your way. Linework is an ever-changing industry, so we must always be learning and educating ourselves to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. 

The electrical utility industry has changed by leaps and bounds throughout the years. With new technologies and equipment popping up almost weekly, there are always new things to learn and become efficient in. Whether it’s a new reporting system, truck, or transformer, our innovative world is always developing something we don’t know enough about. Dedicating time to learn about these new technologies and systems as well as attending training seminars will help you become a better lineman and be more efficient at your job. 

“But, is it really that important?” 

It is! 

Here are a few reasons why continued education is a very important part of your career: 

  1. Safety – Linework has a reputation for being hazardous, however, by educating yourself on new equipment, safety procedures, and systems, you can decrease the likelihood of hazardous accidents on your worksite. In short, you can never be too safe. 

  2. Efficiency – By continuing to learn and educate yourself in the electric utility industry, you will become more efficient in your day-to-day job, completing tasks with speed and accuracy. 

  3. Money – Have you ever heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’? By dedicating yourself to continued learning, you set yourself up for success. Workers who are well informed on industry updates are an asset to their company, and oftentimes get promotions or raises. 

  4. Job Security – To put it simply, it’s much more difficult to lose your job when you’re the most informed, efficient, and most knowledgeable at your worksite. 

  5. Healthy Brain – Studies have proven that continued education, no matter the subject, promotes a healthy mind and therefore, a healthier body.1

When it comes to learning, you can’t overdo it. The knowledge and experience gained from continued education are invaluable. Complacency is an easy habit to fall into but fight that urge. Don’t be content with what you know, push yourself to learn more, and become a better you!

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