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Drone Pilot Program is now VA approved!

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If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in our Electrical and Communications lineworker programs, we have other training options available that can get you started in a rewarding career. Our campuses, facilities, and equipment present the opportunity to learn valuable skills outside of linework as well as advanced training to further your existing career, right here at SLTC. Our other programs include, but are not limited to:

  • NCCER Crane Operator Program

  • sUAS Drone Pilot Program

  • Fiber Optic Splicing

  • Advanced Industry Training



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The Crane Operator Program (COP) provides individuals or organizations the opportunity to receive in-depth training from industry experts in hopes of earning their NCCER Mobile Crane Certification. Crane operation is a highly sought-after skill because of its versatility in a number of industries. With the rapid development of structures and the constant need for operators to load/unload heavy products, there is an increasing number of opportunities for careers in crane operation.

Program Length

1 Week



*PPE is available for purchase for an additional fee

Average Salary


Average salary comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • NCCER Mobile Crane Certification (Rubber Tire Truck Mount Crane, Telescopic Boom, Rotating Controls)

    • No Upcoming Classes Scheduled

  • Each day students will learn and practice safe crane operations and maneuvers in a field setting with instructor supervision. Academics, safety standards, terminology, definitions, and test preparation will be covered in a classroom setting.

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Now VA Approved! The utility industry is rapidly adopting drones as an alternative inspection method due to the immense benefits drones provide. From storm damage assessment to the routine grid and right-of-way inspections, drones are becoming a standard tool in the electrical utility and communications industries. Having a Remote Pilot Certificate, also called a ‘Part 107’, is incredibly valuable for linemen looking to expand their hire-ability and knowledge. Additionally, having utility inspection and wire environment training ensures that you are ready to start flying right away in the utility industry.

Program Length

3 Weekends



VA Approved!

  • This course prepares you to take the FAA Part 107B Exam. You must schedule and take the exam on your own time through the Federal Aviation Administration at one of their approved testing sites.

  • Next class will be April 22-26

    Contact us for more upcoming class information.

  • This course teaches students to safely and effectively operate Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in the complex utility environment. The course consists of both classroom and hands-on instruction that covers all necessary information to pass the FAA’s Unmanned General (Part 107) exam. Additionally, utility-specific training is provided to ensure accurate and valuable data is collected in the field, basic drone flight techniques, and advanced utility inspection methods.


SLTC Global

Advanced Industry Training

SLTC Global offers many different courses, programs, and advanced training opportunities for clients around the world. We have many different training programs prepared to further your industry experience or train your workforce. Other than our prepared courses, specialized training is available to meet your specific needs. Training can be scheduled on Southeast Lineman Training Center’s campus, or on-site at your location. Our facilities offer opportunities from many training aspects including but not limited to:

  • Beginning Level Academics for Apprentice Linework (Basic Electricity, Rigging, Transformers, PPE, etc.)

  • sUAS Drone Pilot Training

  • Gloving I & II

  • Live Line Training

  • Fiber Optic Splicing

  • OSHA ET&D 10/30 Hour Training

  • Underground Residential Distribution (URD)


Why Choose Southeast Lineman Training Center?

Choosing linework as a career is a big decision, we want you to feel confident that SLTC is the right place for you. There are many reasons we think we are a perfect fit for you.


Our Standards

Our main goal has always been, and will always be, to provide quality candidates for the industry. Because of this, we have very high standards. We will never lower the standard for you, we will build you up to meet ours. Our standards build accountability, determination, and a quality of training that is sought after in the industry.

We Care

We are dedicated to all of our students, we treat them as our family and we fight for their success. We consider our students a part of the SLTC family and we provide endless support, encouragement, and resources to help them get where they want to be.

Our Quality of Training

The certifications you leave with, ready you for a successful career in linework as well as endless opportunities outside of linework. On top of the technical training we emphasize and build the relationships, the camaraderie, the dedication and pride for a career in linework. Linework is difficult, it takes commitment and pride for the work to be successful.

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