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5 Steps to Enrollment


Submit Application

Create an account and pay your $150 nonrefundable application fee. You will then be able to fill out and submit your application. Be sure to choose your housing options if needed.


Pay Lab Fees

Once your application has been submitted, you will pay your $750 refundable lab fee. You must pay this fee to be moved to the next step in enrollment.


Application Accepted

You meet the minimum requirements to enroll at SLTC and your application has been accepted but you’re not done yet!


Submit Paperwork

To finish your enrollment after your application has been received, you must submit all required paperwork listed in your applicant portal.



Congratulations! You have been placed in a class!

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Upcoming Classes

Starts Aug 29, 2024


  • Aug 29 - Registration and 1st Day
  • Sep 2 - Holiday Labor Day
  • Nov 27-29 - Holiday Thanksgiving
  • Dec 12-13 - Rodeo and Graduation

Starts Jan 2, 2025


  • Jan 2 - Registration and 1st Day
  • Apr 16-17 - Rodeo and Graduation

Starts Aug 9, 2024


  • Aug 9 - Registration and First Day
  • Sep 2 - Holiday - Labor Day
  • Oct 4 - Rodeo & Graduation

Starts Oct 14, 2024


  • Oct 14 - Registration Day
  • Nov 27-29 - Holiday - Thanksgiving
  • Dec 12 - Rodeo and Graduation

Basic Requirements for Enrollment

Admission into Southeast Lineman Training Center begins by individuals meeting four basic requirements for enrollment:

  • At least 18 years of age by the beginning date of enrollment.

  • Provide documentation of completion of high school education or equivalent.

  • Must pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination and have a physician sign the SLTC Doctor Release Form.

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license from the state in which you reside.


Looking for our Crane Program?

The Crane Operator Program (COP) provides individuals or organizations the opportunity to receive in-depth training from industry experts in hopes of earning their NCCER Mobile Crane Certification. Crane operation is a highly sought-after skill because of its versatility in a number of industries. With the rapid development of structures and the constant need for operators to load/unload heavy products, there is an increasing number of opportunities for careers in crane operation.


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