Do you need professional training to enter the electrical utility industry?

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming an electrical lineworker, you probably have a good idea of what the job entails. If not, you may be considering linework as a future career, but are unsure of the requirements to get you there. Either way, you’re probably asking yourself: “Do I need professional training to enter the electrical utility industry?”. 

Simply put, the answer is yes. 

Linework offers considerable opportunities and a rewarding career whether you’re employed with a contractor or a utility company. The lines, poles, transformers, and towers used to transmit electricity are essential in our society, but they can also be extremely dangerous for the workers who are responsible for their functionality. So, before you start installing, maintaining, or repairing the electrical lines that power your community’s homes and businesses, you’ll need to undergo the proper training to ensure the safety of you and your crew. 

Finding the Right Program for You 

Before diving in, keep in mind that not all electric lineman programs are created equal. There are many programs that may offer a high-quality education, but with a few drawbacks. Here are a few questions to ask when selecting the right program for you: 

  1. How much time are you willing to invest in a program?
    In some cases, a program might require that you spend three to five years taking courses before you’re able to officially embark on your career path. While your education might be comprehensive, you could end up delaying your plans as a result. This might not be a viable option for everyone. 

  2. How much money are you willing to invest in a program?
    When weighing your options, consider the cost of a given program as a factor. While electric linemen stand to make a healthy salary, the initial investment can be difficult for many. Some schools may offer financial assistance, while others may not, so keep in mind your financial situation when making a decision.

  3. How important is an intimate educational experience for you?
    Many schools are more concerned with increasing enrollment than producing well-educated and highly qualified industry professionals. If you’re enrolled in a program with a high student to instructor ratio, it can be difficult to speak up in discussions, ask questions, and fully grasp concepts that are crucial to safety and understanding.

  4. What kind of reputation are you looking for?
    While many community colleges and smaller institutions are starting to include electrical lineman courses, many companies do not consider these programs reputable. Due to this, many graduates from these programs are having a harder time finding jobs. Make sure you take the time to ask around and seek advice on which school has the best reputation with the companies you want to work for. It will be well worth your time.

How We Can Help Kickstart Your Career 

At Southeast Lineman Training Center, we pride ourselves in providing an Electrical Lineworker Program that won’t waste your time or money. While there are some electrical utility lineman training programs that take years to complete, the education you receive through Southeast Lineman Training Center’s (SLTC) electrical lineworker program ensures you’ll obtain the skills and knowledge you need to enter the workforce in a mere 15 weeks. With options available for financial aid, it’s possible to make training a reality for those who need a bit of extra assistance. By partaking in our electric lineman pre-apprentice program, you’ll be able to fast-track your career in less than four months and in some cases take the first year off of your apprenticeship. 

Best of all, you’ll benefit from both hands-on and classroom learning in a setting that promotes one-on-one interactions and accessible, accelerated study. On average, our student/instructor ratios during field training are 16:1 for our electrical lineworker program. With the nationwide career outlook for electrical lineworkers on the rise due to our increasing reliance on power usage, it’s clear that enrolling in an electrical lineworker program is a move that will really pay off in the future. 

Since 1999, we’ve served as the premier lineworker training center in the United States. In fact, many respected companies require applicants to enroll in our programs before they’ll be considered for employment. With the confidence and abilities you’ll gain during your time at SLTC, you’ll be equipped to become a working professional in this growing industry.

Whether you’ve been interested in becoming involved in the electric power sector for years or you’re intrigued by the growing number of opportunities available, our program can allow you to hit the ground running and help you start your climb toward success. 

With our straightforward enrollment process, you’ll be able to get started on building your thriving career as an electrical lineworker in no time.

Interested in becoming a lineman?

Southeast Lineman Training center exists to provide training in a realistic and challenging environment, where individuals can establish the foundation necessary to succeed as lineworkers in the electrical utility and communications industries. We do this by instilling into each student our three core educational values: knowledge, discipline, and ability.

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