Class A Commercial Driver’s License: Why You Should Already Have It

Are you interested in starting your career in the electrical utility or communications industry? Maybe you’re wondering what will be required of you and how you can make yourself more hireable after you graduate lineman school or finish your apprenticeship! Either way, earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a crucial step in turning a trade into a high-paying career. 

Here are three facts on why you should consider earning your CDL, if you haven’t already:

  1. A Class A CDL is crucial in landing a job in the electrical utility and communications industries.
    According to our research, approximately 21 out of 25 lineworker jobs posted on Indeed either prefer applicants have a valid CDL upon applying, require the acquisition of a CDL upon hiring, or require applicants obtain a CDL within 60 days of starting a job with their company. Combined with gained experience and education in the industry, earning your CDL prior to entering the workforce saves you (and your future employer) time and money making you stand out as a top of the line candidate.

  2. It provides you with other potential job opportunities outside of linework.
    Matt Wallin has been driving trucks since he was in high school and now serves as an instructor in our CDL program. When asked why earning a CDL is important for lineworking students, he said “…it opens up a whole new world…as far as other job opportunities”. In conjunction with other certifications, having your CDL can help you land jobs such as a heavy equipment operator, a highway maintenance technician, a regional truck driver or even a CDL instructor, like Matt.1  

  3. It emphasizes a safe work environment.
    Linework has a reputation for being hazardous; however, over the years, improved equipment, materials, and training have improved safety considerably. By obtaining their CDL, future lineworkers can contribute to the improved safety of the electrical utility and communications industry by being well-equipped for the job at hand. 

By now, you should be fully convinced that obtaining your CDL can increase your potential for success as a lineworker or provide you with other potential job opportunities outside of linework. You may be asking yourself, how do I get started?

At Southeast Lineman Training Center, we offer a custom online learning management system in addition to professional training from our CDL instructors. We give students the opportunity to earn their Class A CDL while enrolled in our Electrical Lineworker Program and as an elective to students in our Communications Lineworker Program.

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