Lineman Fitness & Health Prep

It has finally happened! You’ve been accepted and approved into one of our Lineworker Programs, and are waiting for your class date to start. During the months before arrival you might wonder what you need to prepare for your time here at SLTC. As you can imagine, lineman school is different from other schools because it requires demanding physical fitness and careful health maintenance. Over the years, we have witnessed students fall to injury or illness, so to better prepare for the challenges you may face, we have some recommendations for lineman fitness and health tips so you can feel more confident and ready to work.

Hydration is paramount. Regardless of the time of year, you will be sweating a lot. Dehydration affects many individuals and is a top reason why students struggle within their first few weeks at SLTC. With constant pole climbing, you will need to ensure your body is well hydrated with water and electrolytes. We recommend starting to hydrate well in advance of your class start date so your body is ready to climb.

Fitness is key. As previously mentioned, lineman school is physically demanding, and with tons of climbing, lifting, and pulling, you must take care of yourself. Otherwise, you could potentially cause injury to your body. Simple exercises such as sit ups, push ups, squats, and planks are all helpful for training your body for everyday movements and will allow you to be in the best shape you can be while attending SLTC. So, whether you are a seasoned workout veteran or want some tips on where to start, you can check out our lineman fitness prep routine for some guidance to try at home or during your next gym session.

Nutrition plays a significant role. With how much activity you will endure in the initial weeks and the added challenge of Georgia's warmer temperatures, eating well is crucial. Knowing what to eat beforehand can help with your physical and mental health and give you enough fuel to get through morning classes and afternoon field training. Also, as tempting as it can be with great local restaurants, we recommend avoiding heavy and greasy foods for this can potentially cause discomfort or sickness during training. We recommend sticking to lighter whole foods and clean eating so your body gets the appropriate nutrients needed to succeed. Check out these meal ideas to try that will help keep your mind and body strong.

Remember, your health and fitness are top priorities in the demanding trade of linework. We want to make sure you stay safe and prioritize these lineman fitness and health recommendations to ensure you are ready to excel in your journey.

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