Toward the Storm Series

Watch and follow the journey of students from SLTC’s Electrical Lineworker Program as they navigate the road to entering linework. There’s a lot of sweat, there’s a lot of pain, but above all, there is strength and determination to go ‘Toward the Storm’.

When the lightning strikes, which way will you go? We are the few who run Toward the Storm.

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Woodwalkers is a documentary series telling the real-life journey of men and women searching for a meaningful and rewarding career in the electrical utility industry. Follow along as these brave few face off against a grueling training regime in the hopes of one-day becoming linemen.


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February 29th, 2024

Lineman Fitness & Health Prep

It has finally happened! You’ve been accepted and approved into one of our Lineworker Programs, and are waiting for...
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Lineworker students walking toward the storm.

January 3rd, 2024

‘Toward the Storm’ Web Series & Its View On Lineworker Training

Last year, Southeast Lineman Training Center launched a new web series, 'Toward the Storm,' which dives...
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April 28th, 2023

Top 10 Fishing Spots In North Georgia Region

Perhaps it is the picturesque rivers or the rolling mountain ranges that make the North Georgia region one of the...
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Lineman Country Podcast

Our Lineman Country Podcast discusses all things lineman country. This podcast  was created to  give people a look into Lineman Country (aka Southeast Lineman Training Center). Tune in to hear stories about lineman, aspiring lineman, and others who work in the industry.

Women in Linework

Learn about the women who have chosen to challenge the status quo and enter a trade that has been predominantly male since its inception. We have women in every class at SLTC and they have continued to prove themselves as capable, strong, and determined for a rewarding and successful career in linework. Interested in linework? Learn more about the success of women like you.