Veterans Resources

Southeast Lineman Training Center is approved to certify veterans through various benefit types! 

Transitioning from military service to civilian life can be challenging but with a career in linework there is the opportunity to join an industry that provides a similar brotherhood, and a demanding, service centered mission. We want to help you get started!

We are eligible for many different veteran benefits, some of these being:

• Post 9/11 GI Bill

• Montgomery GI Bill

• Chapter 1606 Reserves

• VA DEA Program

• Veteran Readiness & Employment

• Skillbridge


Apply for Your Benefits Online

SLTC is approved to certify veterans for the Post-9/11 GI Bill™ which can pay up to 100% of program costs (depending on entitlement) including a one-time stipend of $240 for books and supplies.

  • Veterans of the Armed Services can apply for the GI Bill™ online. Once you receive a certificate of eligibility, please send it to dawn.slater@lineworker.com to continue with your application process.

  • After you graduate from SLTC and enroll in an apprenticeship program you are eligible for VA benefits through the On-the-Job or Apprenticeship Training program. VA will reimburse you at the rates above.


Skillbridge Approved

We are approved to accept active-duty military personnel for training as a part of the SkillBridge Program. This program provides an opportunity for Service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during the last 180 days of service.

  • SkillBridge, formerly known as the Career Skills Program, is available for any rank, enlisted or officer.

  • Designed to help ease the transition from active duty into civilian life, the SkillBridge Program is partnered with over 500 industry partners, including SLTC.

Your enrollment with SLTC has to be within 180 days of your separation date. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.


Why Choose Southeast Lineman Training Center?

Established in 1999, we were one of the first schools of its kind dedicated to the recruitment, training, and development of new and upcoming lineworkers in the linework industry. Our reputation precedes us. There is a high demand for SLTC graduates in the industry, giving you fantastic career opportunities.



“Everyone from the staff to the students wants you to succeed. The respect I received from everyone from day one was amazing. Hands down the best decision I’ve made second to serving in the United States Marine Corps.”

Mike Fantauzzi ELP Class 53 Veteran – Marine Corps

“Transitioning out of the military and back to the civilian workforce can be challenging, but with the help of SLTC staff and the training they provide at the school, my shift was smooth because it allowed me to be confident and prepared for a career in linework when my enlistment comes to an end.”

David West ELP Class 63 Veteran – Air Force

“I am a Marine Corps veteran and they helped me tremendously in getting my GI Bill so I could start school without financial difficulties. They are awesome at taking care of veterans!”

Kyle Lundahl ELP Class 44 Veteran – Marine Corps

“One thing that stuck out to me about SLTC was how team-oriented it was, much like the military. The students, instructors, and staff were all very female and veteran-friendly which made me feel comfortable during my training.”

Tara Buckley ELP Class 63 Veteran – Air Force

“I would highly recommend, for all veterans, getting into line work. It isn’t easy but neither was the Military (Semper Fi). If you’re looking to get a foot in the Power industry I give the school and staff a 10-10!”

Erik Shafer ELP Class 62 Veteran – Marine Corps

    Did you know?

    • We have been VA approved since January 2002

    • On average, 20% of every class, at SLTC, are veterans/active duty.

    • Each class we reserve spots for our veterans/active duty to ensure a seamless transition from their military service into civilian life. 

    • Recruiters visit SLTC every class with an emphasis on hiring our veteran students. The skills developed within the military service are highly sought after in linework, an industry that depends on reliability and hard work.

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