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We understand the importance of being confident and comfortable with sending your loved ones to SLTC. Here you can find valuable information to help with before and during your student's time with us. From information on financial aid and housing to upcoming classes and graduations, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Lineworker?


Linemen Put It All on the Line™

A Lineworker in its day-to-day work installs, maintains, and repairs electrical power systems and telecommunication cables, but when a storm hits a lineworker is much more. A lineworker is the first to run toward the storm and put it all on the line to restore power and communications to communities after disaster hits. Which way will you go?

Linemen climbing.

Lineworker Career Opportunities

The electric power and communication industries play critical roles in our society, driving economic growth, productivity, and business development. These industries, collectively worth billions to trillions of dollars, continue to grow at an incredible rate. The electrical industry thrives as the demand for power usage increases, while the telecommunications side grows with the arrival of gig internet and the widespread adoption of 5G wireless networks. Because of this growth there are enormous career opportunities for those wanting to get started in the industry.

Financial Aid

SLTC students are funded through various different means. Many use student loans or personally fund their education, but there are many options available. Along with financial aid, there are many different scholarships that potential students can apply for. Check out our financial aid page to learn more about your options.


Life at our Campus

With over 100 acres of training grounds our campuses provide classroom space, training labs, field lines, and equipment operation opportunities for hands-on training experiences. When taking a break from training, we are surrounded by countless outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and some of the best fishing in the Southeast.


Southeast Lineman Training Center Housing

Every class we have students from all over the country, so housing assistance is just another way SLTC helps students prepare for their time here. While housing is not provided by SLTC, we work with the community to provide many options for students to have fully furnished housing for the entirety of their program. Check out your options on our housing page.


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5 Steps to Enrollment


Submit Application

Create an account and pay your $150 nonrefundable application fee. You will then be able to fill out and submit your application. Be sure to choose your housing options if needed.


Pay Lab Fees

Once your application has been submitted, you will pay your $750 refundable lab fee. You must pay this fee to be moved to the next step in enrollment.


Application Accepted

You meet the minimum requirements to enroll at SLTC and your application has been accepted but you’re not done yet!


Submit Paperwork

To finish your enrollment after your application has been received, you must submit all required paperwork listed in your applicant portal.



Congratulations! You have been placed in a class!

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Upcoming Classes

Starts Aug 29, 2024


  • Aug 29 - Registration and 1st Day
  • Sep 2 - Holiday Labor Day
  • Nov 27-29 - Holiday Thanksgiving
  • Dec 12-13 - Rodeo and Graduation

Starts Jan 2, 2025


  • Jan 2 - Registration and 1st Day
  • Apr 16-17 - Rodeo and Graduation

Starts Aug 9, 2024


  • Aug 9 - Registration and First Day
  • Sep 2 - Holiday - Labor Day
  • Oct 4 - Rodeo & Graduation

Starts Oct 14, 2024


  • Oct 14 - Registration Day
  • Nov 27-29 - Holiday - Thanksgiving
  • Dec 12 - Rodeo and Graduation

Upcoming Graduations

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