*These housing options are for the Electrical Lineworker Program. Please contact our Housing Coordinator to inquire about Communications Program housing.

Housing while at SLTC

Looking for information on housing while attending SLTC? There are plenty of great options for our students! While housing is not provided by SLTC, the community has provided options for students for the entirety of your program, that we are glad to help place you in. All housing options are within 15 minutes of the school and prices listed are for the total of program length.

Make sure you take a look at our housing catalog and include your preferred options with your application to SLTC. While your selections are strongly encouraged, they are not guaranteed, as options are limited. The more selections you include, the better chance the Housing Coordinator has at getting you placed somewhere you want.

Use the links below to view our housing catalog or to download our suggested packing list.

Note: Housing options change frequently. Just because you see it in our catalog does not guarantee it is still available.

Packing Checklist