Joshua Trotter

Class 64

Electrical Program

  • Before I got into linework I was a Correctional Officer for about 6 1/2 years up in Michigan and I am here to tell you that prison is not for everyone. I knew that being almost 30 at the time, and wanting to start a family with my wife soon, I would need to figure out a new career as it was an unforgiving job and was draining me mentally. My best friend and I both worked in the same profession and we both joined SLTC at the same time which made the transition to linework that much more rewarding. My wife and I now have a one year old daughter and haven’t looked back on our journey together into linework. The people and families we have met are unlike any others, all the way from SLTC to Georgia Power, the relationships and brotherhood that come with being in this career are beyond just close friends, these people you meet are family and always look out for each other. If this is something you're looking for, just make the move and trust that everyone around you will support and help you through the journey.
  • Every bit of my experience at SLTC all the way from the first tour to the rodeo at the end was excellent. The climbing experience you obtain helps tremendously out in the field once you start. I had never climbed a pole before in my life and my instructor was very encouraging. Every instructor is willing to sit down and help you hit the books or show you your knots, climbing, material, you name it. The staff downstairs went above and beyond to help with resumes, payment plans, job applications, etc. and they still help me today with anything I need. Everyone who worked at SLTC was willing to go above and beyond to help with anything you need! I appreciate everyone’s help and I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you!
  • After a few years in contracting I finally made it to Georgia Power where I have been working now for just over a year as a UAL 2 (Unassigned Apprentice Lineman 2). After a month of [Overhead 2] training I will be able to work on anything and everything hot. I am very excited for this next step in my journey of linework and I am very happy with the choice I made to start a career in this field. My goals in the future are obtaining my Journeyman ticket and after working in the field for a while, I would love to teach others like myself to join this rewarding career. I hope one day to return to SLTC as an instructor and to teach others as I was taught.

Matt Davis

Class 35

Communications Program

  • As my time serving in the US Army was coming to an end, I found linework and SLTC through my search for a stable job to transition into.
  • The CLP instructors have a wealth of knowledge that they’d love to give to you. They are the best instructors, in my book. You see how much they love the profession itself and it fires you up. Every day they are out there climbing with us, and you want to be good, because they’re good.
  • Working at Georgia Power doing Substation Construction

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What Students Say About Us

“SLTC was a very rewarding 15-week program. The atmosphere created by the instructors and the students was next level. You create a unique bond between your Pole Circle and instructor like nothing I’ve experienced before.”

Bryce Patterson ELP Class 67

“Going to SLTC was one of the best decisions I have made in my life... Like anything, you get out what you put into it. I put my all into it... I am the best that I could be for myself.”

Sean O’Connor ELP Class 59

“The staff was amazing. The curriculum was by far the best thing that I’ve gone through when learning something completely new. The opportunities this school offers you, it’s definitely something that I’m glad I got to do and be a part of.”

Ty Dowdy CLP Class 29

“If you want to better yourself and be a leg up going into the linework industry, enroll into SLTC.”

Colton Rainwater ELP Class 39

“I believe that linework is the career that I’ve been looking for, I just hadn’t found it yet, and SLTC has helped me realize being a lineman is where I belong.”

Tyler Lahue ELP Class 58

“The school has changed my life dramatically, from living off of unemployment… to coming here and landing, not just a job, but a career.”

Curtis Stewart ELP Class 7

“I wanted something rewarding for me and my family and that’s why I chose a change of career [Linework]. A career you can always move up, a career that’s going to be around for a long time, the salary, the pay, and the benefits, your family can be well taken care of.”

Jonathan Harris ELP Class 52

“If you’re trying to get into this field, SLTC is a great way to start. Stop hesitating, just do it!”

Shyanne Wagner ELP Class 54

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    What Veterans Say About Us

    “Everyone from the staff to the students wants you to succeed. The respect I received from everyone from day one was amazing. Hands down the best decision I’ve made second to serving in the United States Marine Corps.”

    Mike Fantauzzi ELP Class 53 Veteran – Marine Corps

    “Transitioning out of the military and back to the civilian workforce can be challenging, but with the help of SLTC staff and the training they provide at the school, my shift was smooth because it allowed me to be confident and prepared for a career in linework when my enlistment comes to an end.”

    David West ELP Class 63 Veteran – Air Force

    “I am a Marine Corps veteran and they helped me tremendously in getting my GI Bill so I could start school without financial difficulties. They are awesome at taking care of veterans!”

    Kyle Lundahl ELP Class 44 Veteran – Marine Corps

    “One thing that stuck out to me about SLTC was how team-oriented it was, much like the military. The students, instructors, and staff were all very female and veteran-friendly which made me feel comfortable during my training.”

    Tara Buckley ELP Class 63 Veteran – Air Force

    “I would highly recommend, for all veterans, getting into line work. It isn’t easy but neither was the Military (Semper Fi). If you’re looking to get a foot in the Power industry I give the school and staff a 10-10!”

    Erik Shafer ELP Class 62 Veteran – Marine Corps

    “The school opened so many doors to the world of linework that wouldn’t have been possible without this experience. The school truly has changed my family’s life.”

    Matthew Delgiudice ELP Class 58 Veteran – Army

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      What Parents say about us

      “This program has been amazing for our 18-year-old son. Not only will he leave school with a great paying Job. He has become very responsible while away. He is doing what he needs to do to take care of himself.”

      Crystal Fredrickson Parent
      Headshot Placeholder

      “I was very impressed with the quality of training and especially the amount of times I heard the word safely mentioned! Keep up the great work!”

      Jennie Watkins Parent
      Headshot Placeholder

      “Best decision my son ever made was to attend lineman school. He knew he did not want a 4-year college plan nor an indoor job. He loved his time and training at SLTC. Thank you all for always putting SAFETY first!!”

      Rhonda Kay Harris-Page Parent
      Headshot Placeholder

      “SLTC is incredible! My son received his CDL, Crane Operators License, Drone License (FAA), and a ton of certs and experience to help him land a job. He learned a lot and made some great friends. I would recommend SLTC to anyone interested in becoming a Lineman.”

      Theresa Roach Parent
      Headshot Placeholder

      “My son attended ELP Class 60. Amazing school. Lots of hard work is needed to attend, this isn’t a show up and pass type of a thing!! Such an amazing program which has prepared so many individuals to enter the career field. Hands down the best school with the best staff!”

      Karen Denelsbeck Parent
      Headshot Placeholder