National Lineman Appreciation Day

Every year on April 18, a day of gratitude and appreciation occurs, honoring those who serve behind the scenes. While they are not officially recognized as first responders alongside law enforcement officers, paramedics, firefighters and more, their duty and sacrifice of running towards danger head-on attributes them the same valor and honor of someone who holds the first responder status. 

Unfortunately for these brave men and women, much of their hard work goes unnoticed and under appreciated. But today, we’re here to spotlight a few of the stories of those whose lives they’ve impacted in hopes of expressing our gratitude and thanks for lineman around the globe. 

“Last year around this time, my boyfriend Joseph Rotundo was working as a lineman in Alabama. He had graduated from SLTC Class 60 and was living in Trenton with me. He drove 2-3 hours to work almost every morning. A tornado hit down in Trenton late at night, it was probably around midnight. Joseph went out helping those around town by cleaning up trees and more. He didn’t get back home until around 3:00 a.m., then had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to leave for his lineman job in Alabama. Sure enough, he was called out on storm that day, and worked for 20 hours straight, on only one hour of sleep. These lineman really are out here working hard to restore the power, and they deserve so many thanks!” – Jenny

“With natural disasters happening more often, there is no one I appreciate more than the linemen that work so hard to return our power. I live in Texas where we recently had major power outages, I watched while linemen worked around the clock for days repairing and replacing until we had power again. I was humbled by the work they did and found a new appreciation for the skills and knowledge they have to restore what our community is so dependent upon. Thank you… isn’t enough!” – Ginna

“My son has wanted to be a lineman since he was 13, he is now 22 and getting ready to graduate from SLTC. We live in the country and had never thought about linemen until we lost electricity the first time. We couldn’t even flush the toilet, or get water. Within an hour we were back up and running, and everytime since it’s been a matter of no more than 3 hours without electricity. My son told me, “Mom, this is what I want to do. This is what linemen do”. I was sold. I am so very thankful for those that have dedicated their careers to making sure we all have electricity. It’s a very dangerous job and I’m so grateful for all the men and women who do the sacrifice.” – Karen

“My dad is my absolute hero! He is a retired lineman who was injured on the job 10 years ago and as a result spent 6 weeks in the burn unit and is now an amputee. He lost his right arm and now wears a prosthetic. He has not let this slow him down in the slightest and lives his life to the fullest. His injury changed our lives, but he has adapted and can do more with his robotic arm than I can do with my two arms and legs combined. He is one of the most incredible men I have ever met and I’m so proud and honored to be his daughter.” – Kennedy

For all those who leave their families to serve ours, we dedicate this day to you. 

For all those who brave the fear of the unknown, we dedicate this day to you. 

For all those who work 40+ hours a week to restore power in the most dangerous of conditions, we dedicate this day to you. 

For all those who Put it All on the LineTM, we dedicate this day to you. 

Today, April 18, who do you dedicate National Lineman Appreciation Day to? Share with us on social media @SLTC99.