Five Things You Should Know about our New Crane Operator Program

Recently, we announced the launch of our new Crane Operator Program, a five day training program geared towards providing in-depth training to students who hope to earn their Rubber Tire Truck Mount Telescoping Boom Crane Certification.

If you’re considering choosing Southeast Lineman Training Center for your crane operator training, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled the top five facts that we think should drive your decision to choose SLTC:

  1. In just five days, you will receive the training necessary to earn a high paying career. We pride ourselves in providing a training program that works in your busy life. We understand that giving you opportunities for in-depth training that fits within your schedule is important. That’s why we created our crane program to fit within just five days of training, so that you can get started with your high paying career right away. The average crane operator will make over $60,000 with the opportunity to make up to almost $100,000. In just five days, we will provide you with the proper skills and training to earn you crane certification and set yourself up high paying career opportunities. 

  2. You will receive training in skills that can set you up for more opportunities. Cranes are vital in many different disciplines across various industries. By earning a crane certification, you are opening yourself up to a wide range of employment opportunities. Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial construction, welding, the electrical utility or communications industry, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with a crane certification.

  3. By earning this training, you’ll open yourself up to exciting opportunities for careers across the globe. Crane operators are not just needed within the continental United States, in fact, there are opportunities for travel and international jobs all across the globe. If you’re willing, you can receive jobs in Indonesia, Canada, Aruba, Malaysia, Nigeria, China and more!

  4. If you’re a veteran, you can receive full benefits with the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of attending an SLTC training program is the benefits we are eligible to offer our veterans. We are approved to certify veterans for the Post-9/11 GI BillTM which will pay up to 100% of program costs. 

  5. Our Crane Operator Program is certified by a nationally recognized credentialing and certifying organization. One might ask, why is this important? To employers, individuals who earn a certification provided through organizations like the NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) are more desirable than those who do not. Not only that, but it also brings with it higher paying salaries. So, by earning your crane certification through Southeast Lineman Training Center, you are increasing your hireability and likelihood of receiving a higher salary. 1

For the last seven years, we have proudly offered a crane elective for students in our Electrical Lineworker Program to give them a competitive edge in the search for a job in the electrical utility industry. Now, we are excited to offer that opportunity to anyone who is interested in a high paying career. Whether you’re looking to add an additional certification to your education, or to launch a whole new career, we’re here to offer you in-depth and reliable training from certified industry professionals.

Interested in becoming a crane operator?

Southeast Lineman Training center exists to provide training in a realistic and challenging environment, where individuals can establish the foundation necessary to succeed in a variety of industries. We do this by instilling into each student our three core educational values: knowledge, discipline, and ability.

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