Lineworker students walking toward the storm.

‘Toward the Storm’ Web Series & Its View On Lineworker Training

Last year, Southeast Lineman Training Center launched a new web series, 'Toward the Storm,' which dives into the world of linework and what it truly takes to become a lineman. Through trials and challenges, facing fears, and overcoming preconceptions, this series provides insight into the journey of one preparing for a career in electrical linework.

This series follows the journey of students from our Electrical Program as they embark on the path to becoming lineworkers through SLTC, documenting their training experiences and diving into their backgrounds and motivations. These students come from diverse backgrounds, each with their unique reasons for why they chose to pursue a career in linework, making this series an inspiring testament to the importance of the trades in today's world.

This series is a great resource with plenty of beneficial information for those interested in attending our Electrical Lineworker Program or just wanting to know more about the trade in general. Each episode shows different aspects of the program from day one in the Pole Circles and learning to climb, conquering the 65 ft tower, to even personal struggles and challenges that students may face during their time at SLTC. These videos allow viewers to gain a true inside perspective into lineworker training and show the grit and determination it takes to succeed. 

For incoming students waiting in between classes, giving this series a watch can help encourage confidence and boost excitement before starting your journey toward your future career. 

Whether you're exploring the lineworker trade or counting down to your class start date, the 'Toward the Storm' web series offers valuable insights into the training required for a career in linework. Watch this series exclusively on YouTube and see what it takes to run Toward the Storm.

Watch the first episode now!

lineman students walking toward the storm