Top 10 Fishing Spots In North Georgia Region

Perhaps it is the picturesque rivers or the rolling mountain ranges that make the North Georgia region one of the most loved fishing locations in the Southeast. Whether you’re interested in fly fishing on one of the many beautiful white water rivers, or lake fishing out of a boat, you’re sure to be satisfied with fishing in North Georgia. There are creeks and put-ins all over the region with treasure troves of bass and trout. The area is a destination for anglers within driving distance, and here’s a list of a few places to try for yourself:

1. Ocoee River/Lake Ocoee

Located in the East TN region, stretching down into Georgia, the Ocoee (Toccoa) River offers some beautiful sights, great white water rafting, and fantastic fishing. Anglers often catch Brown and Rainbow Trout, Largemouth, and Perch. Many choose to fly fish, but this is certainly not the only way to be successful. 

The river is quite long, offering many locations to put in your line. Be ready to explore, and maybe try your hand at the other activities that draw people to the Ocoee River.

2. Tennessee River

The Tennessee River in the Chattanooga/East Tennessee Region offers lots of opportunities to fishermen. There are many fish to catch including Largemouth, Smallmouth, Trout, Catfish, and many more. 

Much like the Ocoee, the Tennessee River is very large, meaning that there are many spots for you to fish. If you find yourself in downtown Chattanooga, there are a few locations along the Riverwalk where you can put in a line. 

The benefit of fishing near downtown Chattanooga is the vast amount of restaurants, shops, and other local fares that you can visit afterward.

3. Hiwassee River

The Hiwassee, just north of Trenton, runs from Tennessee into North Carolina, down to Georgia. The Hiwassee River is an excellent Blue Ridge fly fishing location, as the constant water flow keeps the temperature consistent. 

The Hiwasee’s main draw for local anglers is its year round trout fishing. The Hiwassee is truly a fly fisherman’s ideal location.

4. Harrison Bay

Harrison Bay State Park, located on Chickamauga Lake, just north of Chattanooga offers some nice, relaxed fishing holes. 

The area has a nice trail system that walks around the waterfront if you do not have a boat. You can, of course, put in if you would like, but there is good fishing with either option.

The bay offers a number of fish to catch including Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Sunfish, Crappie, Yellow Perch, Smallmouth Bass, and Largemouth Bass.

If camping or grilling out after fishing is something you’re interested in, Harrison Bay State Park is for you.

5. Nantahala River

The Nantahala is considered one of the best trout fishing locations in the entire United States. The river stretches across North Carolina just north of the Georgia border. 

The picturesque crystal clear water has nice little peaceful pockets tucked between rolling white water. The river is a fantastic place to spend the day rafting or kayaking as well.

Some opt for a fishing kayak and spend their day in the beautiful area catching trout.

If you’re looking for a scenic location to catch trout, the Nantahala River is for you!

6. Raccoon Mountain

The Racoon Mountain area offers a few different fishing experiences. The mountain road circles a pumped reservoir of water. A unique location with views not found often. 

The connected Tennessee Riveroffers a nice change of location for those who like to move around. There is also a creek with a nice waterfall located on the site, only furthering the options when you fish here.

7. Desoto State Park

South of Trenton, in Alabama, is Desoto State Park, and Little River Canyon. The Little River flows through the Desoto State Park and offers a great opportunity for fishing.

Fishing is allowed anywhere on the premises and anglers can expect to catch spotted bass, large mouth, and catfish.

The parks are known for the waterfall and beautiful views. If this is something you would not mind driving a little south for it would make for a perfect day trip.

8. Lafayette’s City Fishing Lake

The Lafayette Fishing lake is only a short drive from Trenton. The local lake offers fishermen a close place to throw in a line.

The location has nice public areas to relax, spend time with friends, and cast away at your heart’s content.

9. Lookout Creek

Lookout Creek located locally in Trenton is likely the closest place to get to the water. 

The little creek offers a few places to throw in a line. It has a nice little charm, but the biggest draw is its convenient location and peaceful water.

Many like to kayak, catching largemouth and catfish along the way.

10. Guntersville Lake

Guntersville Lake, located in Alabama, south of Trenton, is one of the most prominent fishing locations in the southeast United States. The lake is often host to many professional fishing tournaments and has appeared on a number of fishing TV shows.

The lake is on the short list of great bass fishing areas in the southeast. 

The best way to fish Guntersville Lake is by boat but is easily fishable by bridges and put-ins across its vast waters.