SLTC Grants 7 Scholarships to Future Lineworker Students

Each year Southeast Lineman Training Center awards scholarships to five individuals who will be attending our lineworker programs after high school. The Lineman Country Scholarship consists of $25,000 and each winner receives $5,000 for tuition. This year is different though, as we have had many outstanding submissions from applicants across the country, SLTC has had the great pleasure of deciding to award seven individuals with the scholarship this year and in turn, awarding $35,000 total in fund money.

The Lineman Country Scholarship was established by SLTC to help open a door for individuals who are wanting to start their journey in the electrical utility and communications industry. The scholarship is funded by The Scholarship Committee and is composed of the Board of Directors at SLTC. In order to be considered for this fund, applicants must have graduated or will be graduating high school or obtained a GED either before, within, or at the end of the 6 month window period, and of course, have a passion for linework. The winners chosen are dedicated, ambitious, and have great work ethics making them the perfect candidates for this scholarship.

Below are the winners of the 2022 Lineman Country Scholarship:

1. Hunter Ellis – Dade County High School, Trenton, Georgia

Hunter desires greatness and knowledge and wants to learn a trade that will be valuable and essential in today’s world. That’s where SLTC caught his eye. He realized that many people travel across the country to his little hometown to transform their lives, and Hunter decided he wanted to jump on that opportunity as well. He is excited to start working towards his career at SLTC.

2. Kaleb Catt – Marion High School, Crawfordsville, Arkansas

Kaleb has grown up around first responders as he is the child of a firefighter, and so he understands the importance of this unbreakable bond that first responders have with each other. Though, it wasn’t until a tornado made its way through several states leaving devastation everywhere that made him want to consider attending SLTC and becoming a lineman himself. He values hard work and the desire it takes to thrive in this area and is ready to take that next step.

3. Landry Bradford – Mumford High School, Talladega, Alabama

When determining his career, Landry felt that becoming an electrical lineman would be the right choice for him. The field and industry always caught his interest as he wants to help people when natural disasters hit. Landry also enjoys working with his hands, doesn’t have a fear of heights, and is ready to take that next big leap into the career of his dreams.

4. Evan Ferguson – Lookout Valley High School, Lookout Valley, Tennessee

Ever since the start of high school, Evan has wanted to be a lineman. He loves the idea of being able to go out and be a hero to communities after natural disasters or any terrible storm that may pass through. Being able to go to SLTC and knowing that he will be able to provide for himself and his family afterward is one of his biggest goals right now and is ready to take this challenge head on.

5. Caleb Pahl – Marshall County High School, Gilbertsville, Kentucky

When looking back on his life, Caleb wants to be an asset to his community and make a difference in people’s lives. In December 2021, his plans to become a lineman were confirmed as he had witnessed a devastating tornado in his area and watched the lineworkers who came out and endlessly helped restore power to his community. Caleb is excited to attend SLTC, become a lineman himself, and is ready for that next chapter working towards his career.

6. Jacob Piestrak – Northwest High School, Hunting Mills, Pennsylvania

Jacob understands that being a lineman is a special type of job that not everyone can do, and he wants to be one of those people. What excites Jacob the most is that he loves that lineworkers are always ready to help and are willing to travel to wherever they are needed. Jacob is ready to attend SLTC and work towards becoming a lineman and starting his career.

7. Jillian Johnson – Geneseo High School, Geneseo, Illinois 

Jillian always enjoyed being outside and seeing what she can accomplish with her hands. During high school, Jillian knew that a 4-year college was not for her and wanted to join a trade. During her research, she came across SLTC and spoke with a representative. That was the moment she knew becoming a lineworker was the career choice for her. Jillian is excited to attend SLTC and work towards her career of becoming a lineman. 

Southeast Lineman Training Center is excited to have these outstanding seven individuals attend our programs and work towards their goals and dreams. We believe in their work ethic, dedication, and heart and are proud to award them with the 2022 Lineman Country Scholarship. We look forward to their attendance and contributing to helping them reach their potential and create a future as a lineman.

View our page about the Lineman Country Scholarship to learn more and see how you can apply.