Electrical Lineworker Program To Include Crane Operator Certification in 2023

At SLTC, the Electrical Lineworker Program (ELP) is our largest and most sought-after program. Students learn everything they need in order to gain experience and unique skills to be successful in the field of linework. As the ELP has progressed and industry needs have changed, SLTC has pivoted to modify the program in ways that benefit students and the companies that hire them.

With changes in requirements around the use of Digger Derricks and companies sharing their needs and desires for new employees over the past several years, SLTC has made the move to fully incorporate the crane operator certification into the program. This certification through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) has been an elective available to ELP students for many years and now will be required as a part of the curriculum moving forward.

With the addition of the crane operator certification, students will gain in-depth knowledge and training from industry experts that can be used to help further their careers after graduation.

Due to the increased requirements and resources associated with the program changes, a price increase will be required beginning in January 2023. Below is a breakdown of the cost of tuition for the Electrical Lineworker Program to give you a better understanding of where the costs are being applied.

2023 Electrical Lineworker Program Tuition Breakdown:

  • Tuition – $14,865*

  • Application Fee – $150

  • Manual – $225

  • Tools – $2,800

  • Lab Fee – $750

  • Class A CDL – $1,995

  • Total – $20,775

At SLTC, we take pride in providing quality education and training to help our students take the next step toward becoming successful linemen in the future. For more information and resources check out our Electrical Lineworker Program, and please feel free to Contact Us and chat with our admissions team for any questions or concerns you may have.

*The crane operator program is included in the price of tuition beginning in 2023.