How To: Set Up for a Video Interview

Prepare Your Environment:

  • Choose a spot where you can control the surroundings. Your home, apartment, or other quiet spot with a good internet connection is best.

  • Avoid noisy restaurants, coffee shops or other public places. 

  • We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer, but if you do have to use your phone, prop it up on a stack of books to get the right height. 

  • Place your camera close to eye level.

  • Always have a pen and paper handy for any notes or questions you may have. 

  • Keep a copy of your resume close by in case you need to reference it. 

  • Dress professionally from head to toe. It’s easy to dress casual from the waist down in video interviews, but you’ll feel and act more put together if you’re not wearing sweatpants! 

  • Practice with a friend or family member beforehand! Download the software needed for the interview and test your audio, video, and internet connection using the same software.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Keep your background simple, no distractions or people working/talking in the background. 

  • Both your head and shoulders should be visible. 

  • Consider wearing headphones – they can limit/cancel outside noise and prevent echoing.

  • Don’t lean in to the camera, sit an appropriate distance away

  • Smile and nod to show you’re listening and interested in what the employer has to say

Ready? Don’t forget these tips!

  • Make sure you have the correct software downloaded and have tested it at least 30 minutes prior to your interview. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the interviewer. Do you know their name? Their job title? 

  • Research the company beforehand! If the interviewer asks you, ‘What do you know about our company?’, you need to be prepared to give them a well thought out answer.