Communications Lineworker Program to Now Include Fiber Optic Splicing and Class A CDL

Southeast Lineman Training Center’s Communications Lineworker Program is now an 8-week program with the addition of two certifications.

Southeast Lineman Training Center’s Communications Lineworker Program (CLP), established in 2016, is expanding its program to now include a fiber optic splicing certification and Class A CDL program. Beginning in January 2022, students enrolled in SLTC’s CLP will now receive two additional certifications, expanding it to 8 weeks. These 10 certifications include: Fiber Optic Splicing, OSHA 10-Hour ET&D Training, First Aid, CPR, NSC Flagging Cert., Digger Derrick Operator, Class A CDL License, Climbing Cert., Pole Top Rescue, and Bucket Truck Rescue. 

Curtis Stewart, Director of Training, spoke to the importance of the additional training for students in their job search. 

“Our goal is to prepare and equip our students with all the necessary training and skills that they need to be hired for a job. Before the requirement, almost all of our CLP students elected to sign-up for the CDL training, and it allowed them to have a leg up against their competition in applying for jobs. Now, with the addition of Fiber Optic Splicing and the requirement for CDL, our students are increasing more than their hireability by making themselves an asset to any company who hires them because they’ve already obtained the knowledge and certifications to accomplish tasks their counterparts may not.”

The average salary for a communications lineworker is said to be just under $62,000 a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, by obtaining these additional certifications, students can increase their starting wages significantly. 

Typically, employers will send their employees to training programs, such as SLTC’s advanced industry training though SLTC Global, to obtain certifications such as a Class A CDL and Fiber Optic Splicing. By already having these certifications, graduates of SLTC’s Communications Lineworker Program are equipped and ready to begin their job as soon as they graduate.

SLTC hosts five CLP classes each year on our campuses located in Trenton, GA, proudly graduating over 100 students into their new careers in the telecommunications industry. If you’re interested in starting your journey to become a communications lineworker, visit https://www.lineworker.com/programs/clp

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