hear the stories of the hopeful few pursuing a career in linework as they go "down to the wire."

down to the wire is a web series created by southeast lineman training center (sltc) to show what it takes to begin a career in linework. each year over 900 students graduate from sltc and start their new careers in the electrical utility and telecommunications industries.

these are their stories

season 4

Eleven students in our Electrical Lineworker Program compete to take home the prestigious “SLIM” award in season four of Down to the Wire. Named in honor of William Wister Haines, author of the well-known book, Slim, this award is given to the student who, like Haines, excelled above all others in his work ethic, determination, and skill.”

season 3

Season three of Down to the Wire takes an exclusive look inside the pole circles of Class 53 following Super Six instructor Edward Cheatom and the grueling training it takes to complete our Electrical Lineworker Program.

season 2

In season two of Down to the Wire, we follow four new students and their journeys that led them to SLTC. Through dead-end jobs, college programs, the military, and more, these courageous students have chosen to Put it All on the Line™.

season 1

In the pilot season of Down to the Wire, we follow the stories of four eager students determined to make it through our 15-week Electrical Lineworker Program with the hopes of one-day becoming journeymen linemen. Hear their motivation and more on season one of Down to the Wire.

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