TOOL LIST Climbing Tools a. Hard Hat (must be yellow) b. Safety Glasses (shatterproof ANZI standard Z-87.1) c. Leather Gloves (cowhide with 4” gauntlet) d. Lineman Boots (16“) e. Body Belt (Bashlin 88) f. Safety Positioning Strap (6 or 6.5’) g. Pole Climbers (Adjustable with replaceable gaffs. Bashlin offsets are recommended) h. Climber Pads (Bashlin T- Pads) i. Bolt & Nut Bag (attaches to body belt – the larger the better) j. 5-Pocket Tool Pouch k. Handline Carrier l. Gaff Guards m. Gut Strap or Suspenders (not pictured) n. Buckingham Bucksqueeze Hand/Other Tools o. 32oz. Ball Peen Hammer p. Adjustable Wrench (Klein 10”) q. Screwdriver (Klein 10” square shank flathead) r. Folding Ruler (wood/fiberglass inside read) s. Pump Pliers (Klein 10”) t. Pliers (Klein 9” 2000 series) u. Folding Knife v. Lineman Tool Bag (the larger the better) w. Gaff Sharpening Kit x. Lowell Wrench y. Insulated Ratchet Box Wrench z. Scientific Calculator (TI-30Xa) Clothing • Rain Gear • Gray Long Sleeve Shirts (required for all climbing activities)
southeast lineman training center
9481 Hwy 11 • Trenton, GA 30752 • 706.657.3792
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